Sacred Agents

Sacred Agents

A Fish in Hand…

Sue and Brett were fisher-people
Keen as keen could be
Spending every waking moment
With their net dipped in the sea

They’d been doing this a long time
And so thought themselves admired
For their fishing dedication
Though it often left them tired

Brett would throw some bait in
While Sue would hold the net
You’d see no better teamwork
Than to look at Sue and Brett

Their faithful juicy baiting
Always drew fish to their spot
And they would watch them feeding
For they loved those fish a lot

In fact, they knew their fish by name
Spoke to each one like a pet
It warmed their hearts to see them
Swim contented in their net

They couldn’t bear the thought
Of making any fish to flee
Perhaps that’s why they never pulled
Their net out of the sea

But Sue would scrounge yet more bait
While Brett became net-holder
And day by month by year these two
Grew weary, sadder, older

They wondered who would feed the fish
When they no longer could
Who’d give the fish such a safe place
And feed them all things good?

For Brett and Sue were fisher-people
Keen as keen could be
Spending every waking moment
With their net dipped in the sea

Written by andrewiturner

June 6, 2012

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