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Church Planting the Nike Way

[Robin Carter passed on to me this article from Evangelical Alliance blog – thanks Robin!]

The plans for planting Northside Evangelical Church gained serious momentum in September 2006. Several highly recommended books on Church Planting were read, leaders who had church planting experience were consulted and a very fancy looking strategic plan was developed. To be honest it all looked very complicated and difficult, especially because we seemed to lack three key ingredients: – people, time and financial

As we were deciding how to deal with these complications and difficulties, we met with a couple of church planters who challenged us to use the Nike method of Church Planting—JUST DO IT. This challenge forced us to seriously face three questions: –

How many people does it take to start a church?

In our case it was 8 adults, 3 teenagers (my daughters), and a baby. We just started meeting, praying, inviting, serving, sharing and trusting. We deliberately made the Gospel central to all we did and God brought the increase.

How much time does it take to start a church?

All of us had full time jobs, and there were no paid workers. Yet when you stop and analyse how much time we actually spend on frivolous and meaningless activities it is amazing how much time you can “find” for serving God.

How much money does it take to start a church?

Our expenses for the first 12 months were $9000 which is an investment of $22 per adult per week – hardly a budget breaker. In fact it could be done for less because we decided to spend $5500 on new sound and visual gear. The rest was spent on room hire and community events.

Currently our church community consists of 60-70 adults, teenagers, and children. Our annual costs have gone up, we have expanded our ministry into the community, and we are just beginning to pay a part-time wage. I have no doubt we would have seen much greater growth if we had a full-time paid worker right from the beginning—but if that was a criteria for starting we would never have started.

So this is the challenge:

There are plenty of people and groups who have more of the key ingredients then we had:- more people, more time and more financial resources. If you have a heart to plant a church don’t let what you lack become an obstacle to getting started. Instead use the Nike method of Church Planting.


By Allan Quak, Church planter, Northside Evangelical Church, Queensland
(March 2010)

Written by andrewiturner

July 25, 2011

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