About Sacred Agents

Years ago I was talking to a youth group about what it means to be a Christian. I was trying to show them that it is so infinitely more exciting than becoming an upright citizen who goes to church. I wanted to explode the mental picture they had of the prospect of becoming a Christian. Scratching around for a way to put it, I blurted out “It’s much more like being a secret agent!” You have this amazing life, a thrilling quest, while the people around you plod along with their mundane lives. Like Neo in The Matrix, you become aware of a massive contest of cosmic proportions being played out over the hearts and minds of people who are simply oblivious. You need to be smart, and alert, always on your guard. It can be dangerous. It becomes the biggest thing in your life – your choice of ‘career’ becomes a cover, a front, something you use for a higher purpose.

This is the thrill of being caught up in God’s mission – to become a Sacred Agent. Of course, I’m speaking of nothing more and nothing less than the age old idea of being a missionary. But perhaps it’s time for us to bring some new imagery to the table. There are so many different ways of serving God’s mission, but perhaps this blog can be a place where we compare notes and share ideas. I hope it will be an encouragement for many who long to recapture the thrill of the mission in the face of a tough assignment.

So jump in and join the conversation. I want this to be a safe place – you don’t need to be an expert to make a comment or ask a question. We’re all just trying to follow Jesus and be made fishers of people.

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